Adventure of Articulation is a blog that started back in August of 2016 by one girl, Charlie Tyrell. What began as nothing more than an online journal of errant thoughts has since manifested into a journey of mental health struggles and the open discussion of social issues that plague society today.

The foundation of the site is honesty. It is too easy in this age to embellish, apply filters and edit the truth. Adventure of Articulation is nothing but personal experiences and opinions expressed with kindness, but unrelenting honesty. Somethings aren’t pretty, but neither is life. Somethings people refrain from discussing; not here.

You will find an array of personal essays, creative non-fiction, poetry and more amongst these pages. There is no theme or topic found here beyond bare, exposing honesty. Dive in, explore and submit yourself to the adventure that can be found in everyday life.

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