A Woman’s Flame

Cold hands meet warm mug.Rain patters at a steady rate.Condensation blooms thick asradiator meets bitter winter airA blink.A smile.A cup of tea.She's there. Silent. Unassuming. Kind heart hidden behind high walls,built on the foundation of mistakes.The aura of calmand the glow of peacethat only comes fromage and experience.She's present.Her eyes burn brightwith the ferocity of... Continue Reading →


The girl was perched on the shallow step outside the back door with her knees bent in front of her. The cool concrete was seeping through the denim of her jeans, invading the flesh and bone beneath. Her burgundy boots had been dirtied. There was a smear of mud on the pointed tip of the... Continue Reading →

The Runaways

This story begins with teenage rebellion. The sun tries to shine high above the houses. It casts long shadows that creep forth, reaching the ground beneath the bay window. An interruption:┬áthe deafening roar of a gunshot, followed by the grunt and splash. Internal organs are perforated, turning from solid to liquid. Dust mites swirl in... Continue Reading →

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