A Woman’s Flame

Cold hands meet warm mug.Rain patters at a steady rate.Condensation blooms thick asradiator meets bitter winter airA blink.A smile.A cup of tea.She's there. Silent. Unassuming. Kind heart hidden behind high walls,built on the foundation of mistakes.The aura of calmand the glow of peacethat only comes fromage and experience.She's present.Her eyes burn brightwith the ferocity of... Continue Reading →

Mermaid Dreams

She hadn’t been a whimsical child. Never dreamed of being a princess, didn’t obsess over fairy tales. But now, as she lays here, bare and raw, vulnerable and alone, she wishes nothing more than to be a mermaid. Water is warm, tingeing porcelain skin pink. Capillaries opening, blood pouring to the surface, a light sheen... Continue Reading →

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